Write and Write

Simple, isn’t it?

What is in the art of writing,all you need is a piece of paper and pen. If you are classy like the “Sweet Sixteen” brigands on Vh1, you might even fancy an emerald studded laptop with glowing stick-ons ┬áto do the same. Writing is something you do as a part of your regular classwork, making doodles and filling it up with words you hear to give it an artistic touch. True art comes to people during examinations,when drawing skills don’t help you make the cut and you stare at sheets of blank pages to fill up. It’s a race against time wherein you struggle to galvanize anything and everything trivial and make it the core focus of the topic, sometimes in an ambiguous fashion, so as to let the examiner’s creativity fill in the voids left by your’s. Apart from the shenanigans of the school/college life, writing is the art practiced by those who seek a world in their words, after the real world has tried them and failed them instead.

Writing is like an self-appeasement dialogue one has with the soul, flouting the neural pathways to transcend deep down into some grey cell, and see if it carries something invictus. Once we establish that, there is a plethora of words forming stories beyond the imagination of the sane mind. Sometimes the idea seem so beyond us , yet so close. This is probably because for something that may have intrigued us once upon a time, has been sitting there in the subconscious all while long, gathering fruitful answers and possibilities. It is only in that moment of recollection that the sudden connection encapsulates our entire mind, and let’s us see the expanse of our imagination. You may only be surprised to what this grey matter has in the closet for you. All one need to do is hone it at the right time, and the words shall start flowing about.

As mentioned, that connection once established is almost magical. But then, sitting and thinking about situations will not make it happen.Rather as you wield the pen, there is an immediate connection between your subconscious and your hand. It starts seeming as if the hand has suddenly acquired a mind of it’s own, and bypasses your conscious mind completely. Should you do it more, you will realise that you know more than you had imagined.