The lackadaisical Wallflower

“I will never drink again” was my remark upon waking up to a terrible hangover. A college initiation trip, supposedly meant to act as a bonding session between seniors and juniors seemed to have completely gone wrong. Being new to the idea of college, I had pretty much believed that the Travelers Society of the college would rise up to it’s name and go about masquerading through the misty environs of suburban Gurgaon. Well, that didn’t happen, instead tragedy struck the timid, reticent me. From being thrown around in an algae plaid pool, which would have made any sober person puke at the sight of it( So, it worked pretty well for us, thank you seniors), to dancing around a bonfire like a Red Indian doped sky high, the overnight trip was fabulous. Bonding became just an add-on to the trip because something else had happened, I had discovered myself.

Here is a thing about Wallflowers,they maybe shy but should you get them high, the barriers of social inhibitions fall away like dominoes, sublime and smooth.But if you aren’t a pertinent socialite with much tolerance for drunkards, you might just have to ease yourself to the nearest room and shut yourself in, for wallflowers might drain you out. They get crazy and rock the world around them. If you have seen the movie Charlie Bartlett, you might have noticed that young charlie too has issues wherein he finds it difficult to adjust and showcase his talents. It’s not approval but only appreciation that he seeks of those around him. His dream is to walk up on a stage and announce his name to the world. I don’t say that you should also sell drugs in your college to garner such attention, but if you are shy and miserable, you might consider finding that something that you are passionate about and use it to break out of your shell. It’s not easy, but then anything worth having in life is never easy,

Wallflowers exude such awesomeness, that they not only surprisingly strike you as unique and entertaining, but they also come out as original. This is because, they are volcanoes of ideas which are waiting to erupt. What triggers the reaction is not a pep talk, but a dose of motivation clad in the form of warm elixir of life which swings you high into inebriation. Usually what acts as a hindrance to such eruption, is lack of self-esteem and confidence to thrust your way to the top. If you can hammer this idea into their subconscious that you are genuinely amazing, you shall only rise in life. When you are already at rock bottom, it’s hard to dig down further. Wallflowers realise just that in a magical moment, and in that moment they cease being wallflowers, and become what they were destined to be; brilliant ,exuberant and plain awesome.


Life on post its or mind full of ideas


The hymns of the city rhythm catches most of us. Right from getting up late to hurrying up to catch the metro early, leaving behind a messy wardrobe that will bear a reflection of your haste when you come back, we all just can’t get enough of it. This life is like a moribund monotonous charade of significance, where we are doing exactly opposite of what we should be doing. We are always running around to meet deadlines, skipping meals, avoiding friends and family in the pretext of deadlines again, we miss out on great things. We lead miserable lives, but this feeling doesn’t strike us just then. It strikes us when the façade of such success eludes  us. Living like rats who feed on the little we get, building up false images of what we could get, all this is truly justified , for all we do is just think, and never act. It serves us right when we paint wonderful pictures of a future and sit, while the whole world around us turns upside down. Its the feeling of woeful sorrow that diminishes us as being, mostly not because we feel we couldn’t get what we imagined, but because the frustration of never having tried engulfs our soul.

If you are a guy of post its, who seeks happiness in things which bear little relevance to what your life really stands for, you might see yourself in the group of majority, but in the race to enlightenment and fulfilment, your majority is proves to be a sad excuse for a life. Don’t follow misguided paths for sheep may get herded anywhere, be a wise man and do things as you like. I don’t mean for you to go to your Boss next thing tomorrow, and tell him that you have found your calling and leave the job. I just wish for you to do things your way, but do things nevertheless. Don’t strive to be unique, let uniqueness be you. Be the guy who believes and thinks independently, a guy who wields the roses by their thorns and raises them to the triumphant sky for he did what he liked.