“Train stations, airport terminals, subway stops: soulless spaces full of distracted, stressed zombies, or magical sets for fleeting, interlocking human stories?”

By the time she reached the railway station, she was panting with sweat tricking down her face, ebbing down her breasts and drenching her completely. She had hardly been able to pack her bag when he had come back knocking. high on desperation and inebriated out of his wits. Today was the day that she had called it quit to those incessant nasty disparaging remarks that she as the lady of the house had chosen not to conform to. Aisha wanted a different life, a better life, a life with respect and a life without her alcoholic better-half.

Lately his responses to her concerns about his life were becoming vague. Was he going to loose his job, would they have to shift again or was he finally getting back on track? Sanjay had an issue with his temper and usually would spring up on everything and anything that would insinuate a repugnant remark on his caliber and character. He had come to think of life as a constant  affair of immeasurable pain, wherein he tread the path of misery alone. His love for Aisha had dwindled over a period of time, as it had become difficult for him to see her concern as an act of utmost love, but an act to rip through his insecurities  by reminding him of his acts of indiscretions and incompetence. Slowly and slowly, the cracks in the relationship had become so wide, that the wife he adored became a paddle to rub against as he swerved through rough waters in life. Sanjay would constantly abuse Aisha, both physically and emotionally. Number of occasions, he would come back really late, usually drunk. He had been going through some tough times at office in the past one year, and his professional life had started taking a toll on his personal life. Over the past two months, things had only gotten worse. Not only did he sound dejected and cheated in life, all his frustration in life would translate into forced sex with Aisha. If she would refuse, he would beat her up and do so regardless. Making love had taken a different trajectory in life and it was becoming harder for Aisha to believe that in what was once a relished as a union of two bodies and one soul, was now a relationship bereft of any emotion and was a plain carnal relationship.From being that jovial woman with an intellect, who painted a larger than life picture across her,Aisha had come to become  a submissive and passive woman, who would startle even at the sound of a bell. A fine delicate face, which once fashioned a broad smile, now had bruises and dark patches redolent of a violent life. She was loosing it and loosing it fast.

Having deliberated on situation and options, Aisha could no more find reason to stay in a relationship wherein her husband no more saw her as a partner, but just a critic. She had become a symbol of his failure. So, one evening she confronted Sanjay for the dismal condition that they had reached in their life and told him about her finally calling it quit and leaving him forever. Of what followed were constant rebukes and utter violence. She was not only beaten but locked inside the house as well. Having lost her parents at a young age, Aisha didn’t have anyone to look upto and with in-laws who were not even willing to acknowledge her as their daughter-in-law, things couldn’t have been worse. So, she began writing and counting days of her miserable existence. She even contemplated killing herself, but in a place where she was already dead in her aspiration in life, physical death hardly mattered.  Deep down inside she wanted to live.

So, one day when Sanjay was out for work, Aisha made up her mind to run away. She packed her bag and took whatever she could in that short time, for he could return any minute. As she had feared, he returned shouting shortly afterwards. Only later when he realised that he had locked her in, did he open the door . This is when Aisha, completely shaken and shivering knew that the time had come. It was now or never, or else life would come catching and cut it short of the happiness it deserved. As Sanjay made way, the house opened to an empty living room with things discarded and thrown around, with an open window and a rope running down. She had run away from the shackles of his abhorrent life to see life in a way she knew how.

Probably too exhilarating an experience, Aisha was making a dash for her life and was finally smiling again. She felt liberated not at the breath of fresh air, or by the fact that there was no more incessant beating, but only because she could decide for herself. She ran towards the station as fast as she could, fleeing away from the place not even to let the old air catch her and cake her lungs with the weakness that had come to adorn lately.

She booked the ticket for the next north-bound train she could find and waited for a few minutes. She placed the satchel on her lap as she sat down on the bench at the deserted station, keeping the suitcase beside her. Nearly exhausted enough to pass out, she glared at the lights around her, which seemed to transcend from just beacons of illumination to thoughts of a future. As true perspective had come to her when she was forced upon a pedestal of pain and agony, she now envisaged life differently .With a discerning gaze, she looked at the passing by people, observing them for what they were and how different they seemed. She knew in her heart, that people were all the same, struggling in their own existence yet laughing away , taking things in their strides.


Violence begets Violence

Since eternity to the ages that shall pass, violence has been the prelude to many achievements that changed history. Violence at the helm and violence in the household, the agenda maybe something trivial or maybe something of great significance, but violence is never productive. Yet, it continues to feature in the daily parlance of every language and culture. The novelty isn’t in the act of it, but in how easy it has become to resort to such measures in the modern world.

In the onset of belligerence in the middle east, there is something unbecoming in the way we see things. It’s not a religion or certain cult of people that seem to have taken stage, it’s bitter disregard for humanity catapulted by poverty, illiteracy and ineptitude to find unity in the face of adversity.  On one side, if lack of governance is an issue, in Ukraine, the very presence of it has become detrimental in perpetrating chaos to fulfill political agendas at the cost of precious lives.  When propaganda of violence is placed before people, beliefs are hijacked and emotions are flared. Rationality remains a concept far from being conceded to, and violence seems appealing. We as human beings are fickle individuals,who are bound to draw comparisons. When the comparisons are placed in narrow context on territorial or religious beliefs, the opponents party to such debates get highly stratified and their ideas distorted. Lack of coherence is then used by proponents of violence to sway people against each other and violence ensues. The apocryphal nature of certain beliefs, wherein the line between fervor and faith is a trail of blood has been the deciding factor to resolving issues.

The pestilence of ” love for chaos and violence” is diminishing not only the physical existence of humans, but at a moral level, is responsible for disparaging our position as the leaders of evolutionary existence. If our mental prowess is insufficient for us to fathom that killing those around and embracing Darwin’s Survival of the fittest as a daily concept to live by, then we are bound to meet a similar fate as those dinosaurs’ ,which now find themselves showcased at museums. In the aftermath of such a fate, probably the continuum between extinction and rejuvenation shall give birth to another species which shall find itself allured by the history of the extinct homo sapiens who now find themselves as a side-piece to the T-Rex collections at museums.

To forgive and forget

Sometimes few people just get to you and rage you up to an extent that you flare up through out the day. But most of the times, it’s not the unknown stranger who brushed you aside on the bus, or the unforgiving boss who gave you a pep talk , but the people who are very close to us who hurt us the most.Then, it’s difficult to decide whether you should just forgive and forget or get back at them. The dilemma is that, you can’t hurt the ones you love, because if you did, it would hurt you instead. So, we go about hurting ourselves basing it on the same principle as in the previous line, hoping that it would in turn hurt them. Now, this is a gamble in a way. Reason being, if you were put in a really disturbing grim situation by a supposed loved one, chances are that they didn’t actually love you or care for you enough. SO, when you go about sacrificing yourself, inflicting pain upon yourself, with a hope of evoking a response wherein the person feels that they are responsible for you current condition, you are on the losing end. If they don’t respond, you would have not only ended up hurting yourself, but would be worse off than you earlier were, as the act establishes the apathy from the other side. To know that a person who loved so much at a point of time has no concern whatsoever for you, is one of the worst feeling ever.

To make sure you aren’t the playing the ball game to lose, make sure you don’t make the situation a ball game in the first place. It’s not always about getting back at people for what they did to you. Sometimes the best is to forget for it is the quickest way to alleviating ourselves from the pain, rather than to reel under it, agonizing and antagonizing. Don’t go about killing yourself for what they did, rather concentrate on what you did, and what you must do. Time plays a part in healing as long as you are wiling to use it to fill your life with happiness. The continuum of sorrow and merriment, isn’t misery and inebriation, but a series of fruitful wondrous moments.

Plight of the lonesome voyager

In this age of technology, it is hard to find yourself isolated, at least in the conventional sense. From social media to an active social life, people have ways to do away with the loneliness that may swathe over. But are we truly happy?

Loneliness is a state of mind ;a condition of extreme desolation. Loneliness carries with it a burden of negative connotations, as it is deprived of a positive outlook. We envisage a lonely individual not as a happy man sitting in a corner all by himself, rather, the one who sits alone and implicates his miserable life as an attribute of grave injustice handed down to him by the Powers above. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t grow out of it. It isn’t a deadly disease, but something of a mental habit, which ,if allowed to perpetuate will have harsh consequences in the long run.

How to do away with this loneliness :

1. Avoid it’s conditional nature

A person who is quite an extrovert might find himself lonely without the presence of his entourage of troublemakers and party goers, a Whatsapp/ Facebook addict may grieve over the absence of notifications popping up on his screen and a person without friends may find himself lonely in the presence of hundreds.

Don’t bow down to such feelings, for they don’t last long. You need to confront it with a little boldness, wherein have to make yourself realize that your happiness should be in your utmost existence and not by the presence of someone in your life.

2. Sleep on it

Strange as it might seem, embrace that sadness, hug it like a teddy bear and sleep on it. When you wake up, you will feel rejuvenated and fresh. This is our natural mechanism which allows us to cope up with depression. If you are into biology a little, you might know that all are emotions are nothing but a work play of numerous hormones being secreted within our body. A little nudge in a positive direction will fix everything up. Even sitting in a room full of bright light can make you happy. Though the reason for your loneliness may not die away, atleast now you’ll have the strength to cope up with it and work on it.

3. Embrace it

Many people see Motivation in the time of loneliness. Sometimes people who seek acknowledgement of others or are distraught and aggrieved in life, see loneliness as a grim reminder of the ” need to act”. Their persistence and perfection is bought about by loneliness. Moreover, loneliness helps a person introspect in life, as he realizes that he has nothing to lose, and is in a clear win-win situation should he act upon his desires in life. All this is mandated by his sense of loneliness.

4. Acknowledge the Love

Amidst intense craving for recognition in this highly competitive society, it’s easy to lose perspective of life. We fail to differentiate between the perfunctory companions and the genuine ones. It’s only human to be drawn by towards the ones whose eyes are always drawn away from us, either out of shyness or sheer arrogance. In the course to please them, we lose out on the ones who are there for us and care for us. We take them for granted and refuse to acknowledge their love.


Bear in mind the relevance of the situation and how your feelings may manipulate your mind distract you and draw you away from what lies ahead. Feelings play a significant role in life, but only those who want to succeed ,wish to see what lies beyond them