Dead Poet’s Honor

Another great left for the heavenly abode and those left ,wallow in despair. Robin Williams died a few days back…yes died..suicide has a very demeaning tone to it because the word though meant to define death has been played down by society as a taboo for the strong and a notion of the weak and unfortunate. If the society’s hegemony is something to be dwelled in, apparently we have no say in our very own existence.  It is ironical though that the ones who preach in the ideals of living with honor and dignity put forth a very iron-clad stand to issues like euthanasia and suicide. Suddenly, the idea of us exercising our right to live has only one-directional inference and choosing death isn’t an option.

Life and death are two extremes to life, one being the process, the other being the consequence. Happy are those who love the journey and never dread the consequence. But sometimes the hardships of life force individuals to embrace the consequence when the journey becomes an endless and tireless path bereft of anything but death at the end of the path. You see if from a distance and dread it, fear it and somehow, want to reach it faster. There goes a saying about fear, which says that fear is to be feared as long as it is away, but when you reach it, there is no fear but only you staring it down and smiling on it’s face as you lurk near.

Suicide isn’t a preference that people choose when it comes to life. It isn’t a contemplation of a cynical mind who ceases in his endless endeavors of finding more misery, or of the low-esteemed misanthropes who are unable to digest the fact that life can actually be fair and we should stop blaming others around for our mistakes. Suicide isn’t an option, it isn’t a solutions, it is just a dreamless way into eternal oblivion.