Anger- Don’t let it consume you

Anger is an expression, a state of mind, an unwillingness to control our emotions the right way. Anger is a constant measure of one’s toil with own emotions and consequential loss of control. There is not particular thing that may beset this emotion, for it can be a gradual or a sudden upheaval of emotions bought about by an event.

You maybe a hulk or a shrieking little girl in the closet, but when you get angry, it only clogs your mind. Angry people are dangerous people and even irrational. What makes them dangerous isn’t the fact that they might hurt you, but just the fact that in that moment of anger, they are capable of doing anything that might inturn eventually hurt them, and they do so regardless. A person who can’t love himself is definitely a dangerous person.They lack perception of reality and let their emotions take the best of them.

So don’t let anger spoil you and blind you. Control your emotions, don’t let them control you


Pace it down and look beyond the Veil

As i was jogging through the park in the morning, I was so keen on nipping a 5km, that I chose to subdue myself to the frivolous aim, and take no note of the beauty around, both scenic and humanoid. It was later, that when i looked back at the path, with its share of sunlight brimming through the leafs that I gasped over the subtlety of the scene. Trees and paths meandering about the landscape, frisbee, leaves and children on swings ,flying about, babes and beauties letting go of their inhibitions and enjoying the nature, I did miss out on a lot.

Well, we all sometimes tend to miss out on a lot of things, most of the times intentionally. Sometimes, it’s birthday of a loved one, sometimes it’s the beauty around, sometimes it is Roger Federer’s match at Wimbledon…oh wait..not that..I never miss his matches, but we do let ourselves pry away from what really matters. Later, at the loss of such moments, we let other commitments take the blame for our callousness. From being people with motive, we become individual of excuses and let our miserable habits kill our existence. There are lot of reasons to our inability of prioritizing in life, and one of the causal factors is self-restrain.

Self restraint

Well, the word above is probably the golden word of the century. Until and unless you are a hungry lion who dotes on the legs of a deer, I suggest you imbibe a sense of self restraint in  your life. This idea explains most of our misdoings and misgivings, whilst we foolishly and tragically follow upon our habits. When was the last time you told yourself, well lets not eat that burger, my cholesterol doesn’t have a taste for it; Or planned not to go to that Girl over at the bar, and tell her how dreamy she was as you flurried through the pick up lines you knew, only to be punched by her boyfriend ,who was less then amused to listen to you blabber about Paulo Coelho’s idea of Soulmates. Well, all that could have been avoided, but then we were too engrossed in what we deem as ideal living.

What follows failure to exercise self restraint is a lesser syllable word accompanied by agony that kills you from within- Regret. Ladies and gentlemen, this term is something that all of us usually hear, many of us suffer from and hardly anyone acknowledges. Many a times, people tell others that the don’t regret anything, but trust me we all do it at a point of time. The only difference is that, few learn from their mistakes and move on , while others sit behind that veil of diffidence and let life play blind games with them.

When you think of the consequences, it is not too hard to get yourself to act on it. But then, our indolence wears off the thrust we get from out acts of indiscretions and failures. We let time pass by, like all our agendas in life. When you fail to act on your faults, you see everything around you fall. This is when you decide that there is no meaning to life, and the caricature drawn by the ignorant society about blissful living is nothing but a charade. You then blame others and this turns into a cycle of failure and regret till the clock stops upon your life.

You need to hone your will to an extent, where it can build a resolve so strong, that it brings glory even when you fail. Take a step today, take on tomorrow. Life isn’t exactly a race because in the race of your life, you are the only one running. There are no  bikini clad women waiting for you at the end, other than grim reaper probably. So why not live your life fully and in the proper way, smile as you move on and do the right things in life. Maybe by the end of it, when you touch that finish line, running with an ear to ear grin, you might get the Grim reaper to smile.