Federer- an enigma of brilliance

This post is dedicated to one of the greatest players in any sporting history. I do not say this for the man has won 17 Grand Slams, nor do I say this for he remained the undefeated champion for the longest time; I call him great because he has class and he has the temperament of a good calm person who believes in the game, not the outcome.

It may be fair to say that he unites people in a way no one else does. You may be a big fan of Messi who glides away with the ball as he plays, you maybe a fan of tiger woods as he finds the right holes( Hell yeah, pun bloody intended), you might even drool over Suarez with his big teeth, looking out for a new prey to stick his teeth on, but Roger Federer is the only one who excites non followers to take up the game or atleast watch it. He is symbolic of not only excellence, but of sheer nobility and purity in stature and persona. Believe it or not, he makes people in the idea of good over evil, where everyone who plays against him is judged bad outright by the fans of the game, and there is no helping this notion, not in  the near future.

Is it right to lionize a person so much and place him at a pedestal so high, that it becomes a curse for him to falter. Well, i guess not. His fan following, like I stated, isn’t restricted to any narrow aspect such as the ranking and number of tournaments won. He exudes positivity and encourages people to embrace the ideals of life, for it has rich dividends. Example of this is his patience, which knows no bounds. You will never see him fretting and fuming in match and see, he is one of the best players ever. Even in today’s Wimbledon final, down 2-5 in the 4th set, he came back to win the set. Had he lacked the right temperament , and left everything to fate, I don’t think the guy with the hair bun playing at Wimbledon back in 2001, and going on to beat Pete Sampras, would have made it this far.

Few people are born with the talent is a weird notion that is vehemently believed in these days. Even if this was true, you still need to work hard to hone that talent. Persistence and hardwork are key to success. Roger Federer made it to his first Grand Slam Semi-final after appearing in 17 Grand Slams, while people like Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic achieved the same feat in about 6 Grand Slams. Yet, people don’t idolize him as much as they idolize Federer. He has seen much more, hence has learnt much more.

Federer in the near future may not continue to feature amongst the top, but he shall forever remain in our hearts. I say so because he is a wonderful human being, moreover,-

I am a fan of Tennis, and that guy knows how to play it.