Shunt on the Timeline

So, where do we start?

Ideally I would go about narrating to how important it is for anyone to conserve the momentum on the speedy highway called Life, but there are moments when losing control actually paves way for something much better. As is said, it is only when you brave the seas and lose sight of the shore, do you find something new. But bravery isn’t everybody’s forte. For few people it comes through intrinsic factor, while others require external stimulus to push them beyond the limits. I call it ” The Shunt”.

The shunt doesn’t involve a smooth transition into anything new. It is like a situation wherein a ‘looney toons ‘ character is pushed against the wall so much, that the imprint of his face starts building up on the other, followed by him breaking through the wall. Here, there were no metaphors or action jargon of pushing back hard and fight your way out. Usually such implication come by when you are either too complacent or just lazy, and have lost the will to do anything to change your life in any possible way. Being a vegetable isn’t something to relish or enjoy, because at the end you know you are fat, and you are better sliced and fried.

The shunt does wonders, it helps you break through walls unintentionally as well as get fried, if not just sliced. So, if you are sitting somewhere and wondering what to do with life, remember, either you go out there and fuck things up for yourself and learn something in the process, or let life fuck you first and then walk funny for the rest of your life.


A Thought of Fiction

a thought of fiction

I am a player of randomness, and it is my domain. To be beyond it is an idea so appalling, for randomness is not chaos, it’s just an idea of free will. So, swerving into randomness, I had an idea of utter brilliance with a streak of absurdity. What if, the words we speak were not an element of our conscious mind, but that of our subconscious. So to speak, our speech were the manifestation of our free mind and free will, rather than thoughts subjugated to societal hegemony and crass disposition of those around us. Would that make the world a better place to live in or not?

Just to make this clear, the subconscious isn’t just grey matter with only perception but no initiation. The subconscious is the background of the scenery that you paint through the course of your life. So basically the girl in the picture isn’t the most outstanding feature of the painting, it maybe the scenery in itself, hence is said, see the bigger picture in life :p. Nobody would like Julie Andrews dancing to the track of “The Sound of Music” in the backdrop of Gothic metal heads.So, the background does matter and in a way influences the center piece. What we see isn’t what we believe in, it is always what we are told to believe in, is where we vest our trust. Had we actually believed in what we saw, the subconscious and conscious wouldn’t be two tiers of thoughts, but reflections of each other, with one being just a little more refine than the other.

What we are subconsciously is very sublime and innate to the idea of our being. But what we put forth consciously maybe just the way we want to be. In college, we choose to hang around with a set of people, who supposedly are very cool, whereas deep down we want to be amongst those geeks at the book club. We persist in our efforts of making to the football team, something that we suck at, but don’t step into the auditions for the lead to that play we always loved. In such situations, if ever there was a possibility where you could just speak out whatever you wished too, life would certainly become less complicated.

Complexity in life is like the basement of a dungy house and you are the spider in it. Either you roll around weaving a constant thread and walk away from the hell hole or sit cooped up, weaving constant webs around in the same place till you yourself get tangled in them and die a miserable death.

Here is another thought on subconscious mind. Have you seen the movie Lucy or Limitless? If you have, who would you weigh in as the champion of situations, the conscious or the subconscious. Well, subconscious in indeed limitless, but to be fair to consciousness, it does channelize the subconscious thoughts, but not in a way so as to distort them.

Will subconscious eradicate the element of pretentiousness? Well, it just might. But then, it again depends. Those who are habitual liars and pretenders, believe inherently that what they are doing is the best for them. So, the subconscious mind, which is the reflection ,has been indoctrinated into believing just that. The eyes and the ears, see and hear things differently and thus, the subconscious has a different story to tell.

Everything is after all just a story, just an idea. Few grasp onto real life, rest fade into our subconscious and die forever.