Ethics in life aren’t embraced by admiration of the ideals, but by admonishing the consequences by the failure of them. It’s not for men to be staunch and unperturbed by what the world has to offer, but their constant efforts in fighting against the lewdness of these offers, is what makes them great. In this context, I would like to bring to light the brilliance of the allegorical poem “The Divine Comedy”by Dante Alighieri. Dante was a poet back in the 13th century who bought out a very vivid description of the World of Hell.

Dante describes Hell through a series of manifested layers, which represent the level of agony and pain, a sinner has to suffer, once he enters the gates of hell. Through the conformity of poetic structure, he describes how and what does one do to deserve the ignominious wrath lashed at the hands of the Devil. Here are the circles of hell:-

  • First Circle(Limbo)– Hell for those who have committed guiltless crime, the ones who abhorred and objected to the idea of Christ, and didn’t vest their faith in him.
  • Second Circle(Lust)– For those who flee from reason, and let their lust take the better part of their rationality.
  • Third Circle(Gluttony)– For the ones who remain oblivious to the needs of others around, and remain indulgent in the pedigree acts of survival for just food and drinks
  • Fourth Circle(Greed)-  The ability to think was granted to us, to seek out betterment, but not at the cost of those around. Those who disobey these unsaid rules, rot in these columns of Hell.
  • Fifth Circle(Anger)- This is where the wrathful and loathing humanoids remain, gurgling in the waters of death.
  • Sixth Circle(Heresy)-  The dissenters and entrapped in flaming tombs, and burned through their souls.
  • Seventh Circle(Violence)-  Those who teach and preach violence, apart from the ones who engage in it, find their place in this circle.
  • Eight Circle(Fraud)- The circle in further divided into ten different layers, featuring ditches with stones, passed over by bridges. Corrupt politicians, sorcerers, amongst those who deceive for their vested interest are shackled in flaming chains here.
  • Ninth Circle(Treachery) -For  the ones who disregard ties, to betrayal of family ties, betrayal of community ties, betrayal of guests, and betrayal of liege lords.

In the very center of Hell, stands Satan, with his three faces, one red, one black and one pale yellow.

The beauty of Dante’s The Divine Comedy was such that it inspired artists across generations to portray Hell through his eyes.