The power pyramid

First of all, the title bears no relevance to any fancy structure made or initiated with disregard to optimum and fruitful utilization of wealth and human effort on the banks of Nile. The term is a basically a reference to very steep conquest of power that we all as human beings race towards. It’s all about power and how to get your hands over it. Now i’m not exactly going to tell you a trick to be able to wield such powers, but on the contrary , i will share my insights on why it is important to let go of such evil.

We all have ambitions in life and we make efforts to achieve them. Sometimes, we work laboriously and sometimes we take it slow. When the powerplay of righteousness comes into effect, its not only to how sincerely did we work in pursuit of such ambitions, but to how prudent were our ambitions in the first place. If we waste our time over things which are trivial and inapt, then the failures are not only in our efforts, but in our very being for having undertaken such avenues.

Apart from ambitions are our intents. Desire to want something turn into ambition only when we think through them carefully and can place them in our future as a non-materialistic, self improvement goal. But, not everything we do or believe in is right in its conception. So, sometimes we obsess about something that we inherently don’t want, but the superficial part of our’s ,places the society as foremost and thinks that such agendas and prospects are worth working for, for they will place us highly in the society. We then work our way through what maybe known as the Power pyramid. All our needs and wants then become misplaced for now the skewed symmetric of the “power”play is at hand. We start prioritizing our goals in life in such a manner, where we see only what the society wants us to see and do what the society wants us to do. Don’t be surprised if not only your need, but your entire personality

Power Pyramid

takes a new turn in order to conform itself with the social conventions of the materialistic, capricious and undeniably selfish society. From being an independent, just individual we see ourselves turn into a prodigal parasite of the society wherein we strive to seek approval of those around. We become those wretched creatures who are bereft of any ideals, yet patronize those around us by evoking terms on moral grounds, justify our wrongs with more wrongs and blame others for everything bad that happens to us.

I would like to clarify that this shouldn’t be misconstrued as a price we pay for power, but rather a price we pay when we make it our goal in life. Those who have ever wielded the sword of power, never consciously tried to gain it, rather ,it was a consequence of their struggles.

The importance of letting go of the such rationale in life has been emphasized by David Steindl-Rast in his TedX talk.