Dilemma Called Life

There are some glory days and moments of epiphany, when your life transcribes itself into something trivial yet empowering, that you feel enlightened. Sitting on the ledge across the park that day, I had that feeling. So, I asked the random stranger beside me a question just to work along that idea.

“Do you see the pillar, Sir?” I asked

“Yes” He replied in a quivering manner, clearly startled by my question.

Encouraged by his monosyllabic reply, I further added
” Well, then imagine a line between me and the pillar. Now, think of it as the line of life and the pillar being the goal. The goal here is death, and the journey to it is life, as you live it. If you were me, how would you go about such a journey to reach that pillar?”

“I guess I would walk towards the pillar, with resilience and fortitude bearing in mind the ultimate destination of life. ” came his reply.

I felt that he drew the question to be along the lines of his own commitment in life, and thus, hardwork to achieve success became the undertone of his reply.This is a standard answer, I thought . I am sure he didn’t really want to appear too candid with a stranger. Anyways, I perched him more, and drew him onto the undertones of my life.

“Well, Sir, are you telling me that you would walk straight to that goal with your conscious belief telling you of its presence right at the end. Don’t you think, it gives the phrase ‘ staring at death’ a different connotation. How would you enjoy life, if ‘death’ influences your path? How would you live your life, if your goal instills a sense of fear than motivation. ”

” I think overcoming that fear is what makes people successful and that is how the ultimate goal is achieved. ” he replied.

“Well, I like your view, but I don’t see death as a goal, it is just a destination. This destination is an inevitable one, something that is conceivable by the mind, but is accepted without protest as a natural process. Fearing it would be like fearing success. Success comes through arduous incessant efforts in life and is meant to be celebrated. Same is the case with death, the only difference is that we don’t remain to celebrate our life, we just celebrate it in spirit with our loved ones” I spurt out with an enthusiastic smile.

The stranger seemed perturbed, probably by the tone of my voice or just because his idea of a Sunday morning walk didn’t feature him being badgered by collegiate curiosity . Anyways, he chose to stay seated which was a promising thing. So, I continued.

” I meant to take this symbolism to prove another point as well. I see that pillar, so do you, but I wouldn’t just walk towards the pillar. In fact, like a slow cycling race, I would twist and twirl by legs around, run in a zig zag manner, to make it to the pillar. This is not because I mean to delay my achieving that goal , but because there is so much to life than death. My dashing through the park over the lush green grass, ducking down under a Frisbee and plunging my head into the sprinkler’s spray is a symbol of the journey that I mean to undertake in life. I wish to enjoy life as I go on than stay sad about the lost opportunities and relations.”

” So how is this slow cycling race going on for you, not in ideation but in reality?” He asked.

” Honestly, It’s been fine. I have come to believe that if not inherently,one should force himself to an optimistic outlook. Maybe it might not work initially, but over a period of time, when this optimism stays in your head all the time, it starts affecting the way you operate. Yous instinctive thoughts are more positive, and you attract positivity. So, basically it all amounts to more zig-zag sprints in life, without much concern for what lies ahead.”

With that we ended our conversation. After exchanging goodbyes, we got up and walked in different directions. I had been pressing an idea, not to him but to myself for I am a believer and thus, like to reinforce certain ideas by discussing it out more often than would please random strangers at parks.


A ‘ Wilder’ way to life

“Don’t take life too seriously, you will never get our alive” – Van Wilder

Good movies do inspire you, they do connive and consume you into doing the inevitable. Today I watched Van Wilder again, after a really long time. Now, if you think that I am trying to draw inspiration from a movie which basically revolved around a character with his party planning schemes and eternal frat boozing, well ,you need to watch that movie again too. The movie isn’t about ‘Jesse’ from breaking bad(oh..he was in it ) looking as creepy as ever, or about Howard from Big Bang theory(…Him too), it’s about a guy and his confusion with reality, or lets just say, with himself.


As i watched the movie, It may made me somehow realise that in order to feel unlimited, we end up limiting ourselves.  We all dream of unlimited amount of money, unlimited amount of power and unlimited amount of luxury, all because we feel that all these will in turn bring us unlimited amount of happiness.Is that the truth, the real truth to life? I guess not.

When we think of a future, we don’t necessarily place my passion as a means of drawing that happiness, instead, we choose an ambition. Mind you, I said ‘choose  an ambition”, rather than the follow what interests you. Many a times we let go of our dreams trying to fit into the society, for at a point of time we dared to think the unthinkable, but when it came to doing it, the society caught on with us. We fool ourselves into believing that we are pursuing every avenue worth pursuing, and grasping every opportunity as comes, but then we end up being bereft of that lively feeling, a feeling of happiness, a feeling of fulfillment.

Mr Van Wilder didn’t place a career as a goal, rather he placed the experience drawn in life, living it day by day. The movies showed examples of how a very well pursued, calculated life might end up with a disaster if we place our goals as the utmost priorities in life whilst giving up on our ideals. This is because as we place our goals above ourselves, we feel a pressure to fulfill it, fearing that failure will diminish our being, our very existence. But that isn’t true at all, it isn’t even close to it. Sometimes its okay to be normal and okay to be average. Why fall in the rat race of the world trying to finish a race, which isn’t even yours. Do race in life, do wish to succeed, but before you do that, at least figure out ,what lies beyond that finish line is something truly yours to achieve.