Violence begets Violence

Since eternity to the ages that shall pass, violence has been the prelude to many achievements that changed history. Violence at the helm and violence in the household, the agenda maybe something trivial or maybe something of great significance, but violence is never productive. Yet, it continues to feature in the daily parlance of every language and culture. The novelty isn’t in the act of it, but in how easy it has become to resort to such measures in the modern world.

In the onset of belligerence in the middle east, there is something unbecoming in the way we see things. It’s not a religion or certain cult of people that seem to have taken stage, it’s bitter disregard for humanity catapulted by poverty, illiteracy and ineptitude to find unity in the face of adversity.  On one side, if lack of governance is an issue, in Ukraine, the very presence of it has become detrimental in perpetrating chaos to fulfill political agendas at the cost of precious lives.  When propaganda of violence is placed before people, beliefs are hijacked and emotions are flared. Rationality remains a concept far from being conceded to, and violence seems appealing. We as human beings are fickle individuals,who are bound to draw comparisons. When the comparisons are placed in narrow context on territorial or religious beliefs, the opponents party to such debates get highly stratified and their ideas distorted. Lack of coherence is then used by proponents of violence to sway people against each other and violence ensues. The apocryphal nature of certain beliefs, wherein the line between fervor and faith is a trail of blood has been the deciding factor to resolving issues.

The pestilence of ” love for chaos and violence” is diminishing not only the physical existence of humans, but at a moral level, is responsible for disparaging our position as the leaders of evolutionary existence. If our mental prowess is insufficient for us to fathom that killing those around and embracing Darwin’s Survival of the fittest as a daily concept to live by, then we are bound to meet a similar fate as those dinosaurs’ ,which now find themselves showcased at museums. In the aftermath of such a fate, probably the continuum between extinction and rejuvenation shall give birth to another species which shall find itself allured by the history of the extinct homo sapiens who now find themselves as a side-piece to the T-Rex collections at museums.