From a peachy face of a new born to a radiating one of a teenager, one thing that readily distinguishes us from the other 8.7 million species inhabiting this planet is our face. The unique features bestowed to every individual are a biological marvel. It’s even more amazing to how certain features are carried on within generations of family, thus personalizing our physical existence in synonymic characteristics. The subtlety of human life has been governed by idealism of these characteristics, sometimes to fashion and sometimes to sheer enticement.

Though faces have served what they essentially are meant for, the human mind has created jargon to see faces from a different facet. Faces have long been regarded as a measure of one’s inherent values and quality, a yardstick for defining beauty and genuineness. Though one can only imagine to how such demarcation prevailed within the society, facial characteristics went onto rule and serve the people in different ways. We have been conditioned over a period of time, to judge one’s inner values by how they look. Usually, the benevolent characteristics bend towards the one which the mind finds pleasing. The one’s with not such sharp features are adjudged as negative and guile, abhorred in general.

Anyways, moving away from the negativity to the personal touch that the faces offer. Faces are like the barcode to life, wherein you are known first by your face and then by how you are. Faces capture our lives and our age. When we were born, we were cuddly odd shaped creatures with tiny minuscule features outlining our faces, but as we grew up, we distinguished ourselves further. Can you imagine the relevance of pictures without faces? I guess not. In fact, should you take pictures of exotic places which don’t feature you, you will realise that such pictures lose their relevance over a period of time and are ultimately deleted off. Imagine how Mark Zuckerberg would have survived had it not been for our faces. What would he have called the Facebook then?  One of the main things that he leverages through his multi-billion dollar company is how we look. What would have happened to the idea of ‘selfies’ had we all been a bunch of identical humanoids, barely distinguished by our girth, height and how long our ear lobes reach out. Life wouldn’t have been so much fun. In the movie, (Spoiler Alert) Oblivion, Tom Cruise finds out that the earth has been divided into sectors, each manned by its own Tom Cruise. The only thing restraining one Cruise from meeting the other one is a plot by alien to disguise each other’s zone as Nuclear Radiation Zone. Imagine his disappointment when he finds the other Tom Cruise, who too has an equally ravishing female accomplice and gizmos to go with. He is cheated of his uniqueness and individuality.

In a world with similar faces, the concept of love and devotion, reverence and unity would have been lost. We would all be the same, probably bearing tags with numbers. All males with the same faces would go about trying to entice females bearing the same face. No amount dressing up and fancy talk would facilitate chances of getting action in the night.  There wouldn’t exist a romantic notion of love at first sight, but maybe chances of love with unique numbers. Girls wouldn’t be curious to know how they would look in ‘that dress’ when they see their friends wearing it, and guys wouldn’t really be obsessing about the best friend’s girlfriend. The good thing would be that the concept of racism would be browbeaten into anonymity, with no major feature to draw comparison to, Obama would have been just another President, and Leonardo Di Caprio would have gagged Matthew McConaughey on the Oscar night to take the Oscar instead, so to feel how it really is to have one. In fact Mona Lisa would have been an ordinary women who struggled to smile while being painted. Life would have been just funny, if not better.


This Is Where The Magic Begins

There was something about her that had this eclectic mind completely smitten. From a directionless wallow of complacency, I had been shaken to believe in something very potent. Like a smear of selfish desire that swathe over my wondrous mind, I had been left unbereaved  though incomplete. Something that wasn’t mine had crossed the thresholds of my inner beliefs, and had opened up a void and embraced me within. At that minute as I swerved in palpable love, the enigma of intimacy engulfed my soul and made me believe in love.

That day,the ambiance of the place was electric yet soothing. To be standing right there at that moment was like an apocryphal tale coming true.I stood my ground and watched in grave silence at that distant beauty whose aura was like lifting breeze. An incandescent light a midst the darkness as it glowed, filled her eyes and made them glint. It’s true what is said, it’s all in the eyes and not in embrace. I breathed upon myself heavily, doling out in the moment of ecstasy which seemed unreal. I walked to those blissful eyes, and stared them close , gasping as i did, wondering to how things as pretty had come out of the blue. She behaved as if she knew what my mind had conjured, yet remained calm and composed. My body seemed to leave me as I stretched out my hand and placed it by her waist, pulled her close and then felt her breathe. It was truly magical, the moment or the person, I still wonder.

I tell myself sometimes that if it should have, it would have. But then, sometimes it’s not for the mind to decide, it’s the heart. You can fool the world, but not the heart. To be there and feel the magic, and to be here and see it all go away, it true and harsh


We aren’t perfect in life and a testament to that is usually the blinding forces of sorrow and wrath which engulf us on and off, setting us towards the darker side of life where we agonize and antagonize. We perceive every opportunity as a hurdle in life and dwell in indolence to let that moment pass, only bereaving and hoping that something magically might set things straight in life. We believe in anybody who pleases us with goodwill of our gracious non-existent abilities and talents, while turning deaf to the voice of our true saviours who have the courage to criticize us for our shortcomings.

Have you ever lost someone dear to you, only because you weren’t willing to step up? Have you ever felt that you could have done grasped onto an opportunity, but didn’t, only to regret it later? Has there ever been a moment of rage when you stormed towards the mirror, and looked eye to eye with the person in it and told him, that everything things that you stood for is slowly fading away because you couldn’t take control of your life? Well, like I said, we aren’t perfect. The best things towards absolve ourself of such moments is to accept our faults. You may go on blaming the whole world for all that happens to you, but in the end, you realise you were that one at fault all along. How could you let that happen to you in the first place? I’m not saying that you need to pick up those boxing gloves and box your way to everything in life, I just believe that we are the creators of own destiny, and there is no room for blaming anyone else for our faults. 

Motivation as it is, is not something you objectively get your hands onto. It is something that drives you, pushes you to take that crucial step towards what you believe in. It is that force which tells you, how to push up from that 10th mile to that 11th mile, not because you need to prove me wrong, or the world wrong, but because you need to celebrate yourself. You have to keep going not because it is essential for survival but because you know if you don’t, there is the life of mediocrity standing right behind you with it’s arms wide open to embrace you as you lose. What lies back there is peaceful, oh Yes..very peaceful and equally warming…but not at all challenging. Motivation doesn’t need to come from someone else, it needs to come from within. It needs to come by placing that fact that you were born to serve a purpose. You maybe no believer in God or any other superpower, but do remember that the Law of Nature entails that, either stand up for yourself our be a prey to its diabolic love. Have a peaceful life which is basically nothing than a misnomer for a defeated purpose and nothing to show for. Come as a baby, die as a blip on the timeline of eternity.


Mind is extraordinarily powerful. Powerful enough to subdue you into complete misery where you contemplate the end to your life, powerful enough to make a man rise from his ashes. Without belief, the mind doesn’t serve its rightful purpose, it never gains its true potential. If power doesn’t, logic doesn’t, desire doesn’t, than its the belief which helps us walk through those tough times. 


Desire and intent are two factors which may break you or make you. Dwell in an idea, fantasize about it because your power of imagination allows you to..But never pass it off as reality for that surreality will kill you. Frame you desires which are prudent and which test you. But desires are essentially what we imagine, not what we want. These desires have to be backed by an intent, without which the desires have no relevance. Desires which don’t transcend into reality will stick with you forever . The only way out is to act on it, or you shall indulge in self pity wherein you tell yourself you never deserved it and settle down for less and regret with pain.


Get you act together, for life is short. Nobody is born great, it’s a choice you exercise.