Write and Write

Simple, isn’t it?

What is in the art of writing,all you need is a piece of paper and pen. If you are classy like the “Sweet Sixteen” brigands on Vh1, you might even fancy an emerald studded laptop with glowing stick-ons  to do the same. Writing is something you do as a part of your regular classwork, making doodles and filling it up with words you hear to give it an artistic touch. True art comes to people during examinations,when drawing skills don’t help you make the cut and you stare at sheets of blank pages to fill up. It’s a race against time wherein you struggle to galvanize anything and everything trivial and make it the core focus of the topic, sometimes in an ambiguous fashion, so as to let the examiner’s creativity fill in the voids left by your’s. Apart from the shenanigans of the school/college life, writing is the art practiced by those who seek a world in their words, after the real world has tried them and failed them instead.

Writing is like an self-appeasement dialogue one has with the soul, flouting the neural pathways to transcend deep down into some grey cell, and see if it carries something invictus. Once we establish that, there is a plethora of words forming stories beyond the imagination of the sane mind. Sometimes the idea seem so beyond us , yet so close. This is probably because for something that may have intrigued us once upon a time, has been sitting there in the subconscious all while long, gathering fruitful answers and possibilities. It is only in that moment of recollection that the sudden connection encapsulates our entire mind, and let’s us see the expanse of our imagination. You may only be surprised to what this grey matter has in the closet for you. All one need to do is hone it at the right time, and the words shall start flowing about.

As mentioned, that connection once established is almost magical. But then, sitting and thinking about situations will not make it happen.Rather as you wield the pen, there is an immediate connection between your subconscious and your hand. It starts seeming as if the hand has suddenly acquired a mind of it’s own, and bypasses your conscious mind completely. Should you do it more, you will realise that you know more than you had imagined.


Condition the Mind-Nail that interview

Placement season is up at the college, and everyone seems busy as a bee, trying to sort things out and enter the rat race for the fancy job.I have been subjugated to my own share of rat racing without any conscious intention of being a part of it. It is more of peer pressure as I haven’t got a clue to what I want to do, so I do things anyways. With placements comes a baggage of other goodies such as GDs and interviews.

So, I am sure people get very psyched by the idea of having to sit in front of someone and rant about their lives and understanding of concepts, which they didn’t know of until that very moment.Now, out of sheer respect for the decorum of an interview, you choose not to spike your inquisitiveness and ask about it there and then. But, interviews are overall very fun.

But to respond in line to the DAILY PROMPT, if you get all jittery about the D-Day and don’t know how or what might soothe your nerves, try fooling your mind. Life is all about a power play between what we believe in and what we end up doing. Sometimes it’s hard not to freak out, but then, probably the major detrimental factor for that job is for you to not freak out. So, just ask yourself, do your really want the job?

As you get things clear in your head, it helps draw in rationality and wipe out the blur. You need to know that being presentable in a interview is important, seeming classy and intelligent is also useful, but the most important factor is that you should plan to be just you. Let the company want you for you, rather than  going in with a list of attributes that would seem ideal for the profile.

If you can digest all these lines, you will realise that you are no more nervous. This is because the element of surprise is gone. You come to an understanding that whatever should happen in the interview shall happen, but what I need to do is to be me. When I am me, nobody can catch me off guard since I know ‘ me’ more than you know me.




The Vindictive Approach

Success and failures are considered to be two sides of the same coin, though one is a little shiny and the other a little rusty. Everyone wishes for that shiny part, but do little to to achieve it. The reality of the matter is that, it’s not the shiny part you inherit, rather you smudge of the rustiness of the coin to make it shine. It’s failure that leads to success, without there being an absolute achievement of things being otherwise.

Being the fallible human beings, that we are, the failures sometimes plunge us into grim darkness. In such situations, it is up to us, whether we want to allured by the darkness or let our vision of the distant light guide us out of complacency. Sometimes the fear of failure reached disturbing level of magnitude, so not only to  ignore the light, but let the darkness clog our thinking.

I find myself in situation wherein I fail miserably yet don’t let myself become distraught. It’s not a facade of nonchalance, it’s just that to believe in the inevitability of things, and coming to terms with the consequences helps one wake up to the harsh truths in life. For a number of years, I have seen myself become a person whose competitiveness wasn’t restricted to the mental imagery of my victory, but equal happiness in other’s misery. It wasn’t a happy indulgence as it subconsciously blinded me so much, that I started basing my life as per the opinion of other people. Living in my own insecurities to find validation from others, was my chance at peace.

As you experience more and more in life, your perception undergoes transformation from being superficial to being profound. As you learn to weigh upon your own potential, you learn to care less of other’s opinions and everything isn’t a race anymore. From being vindictive, you become the exuberant being who is immune to trivia of life which immiserates you more. It’s not a fight to become the best so as when comparisons are drawn, you can stand there and smile. There is more to life than thinking about others ;think about yourself, but not in a selfish way, set personal goals, not career ones.


To forgive and forget

Sometimes few people just get to you and rage you up to an extent that you flare up through out the day. But most of the times, it’s not the unknown stranger who brushed you aside on the bus, or the unforgiving boss who gave you a pep talk , but the people who are very close to us who hurt us the most.Then, it’s difficult to decide whether you should just forgive and forget or get back at them. The dilemma is that, you can’t hurt the ones you love, because if you did, it would hurt you instead. So, we go about hurting ourselves basing it on the same principle as in the previous line, hoping that it would in turn hurt them. Now, this is a gamble in a way. Reason being, if you were put in a really disturbing grim situation by a supposed loved one, chances are that they didn’t actually love you or care for you enough. SO, when you go about sacrificing yourself, inflicting pain upon yourself, with a hope of evoking a response wherein the person feels that they are responsible for you current condition, you are on the losing end. If they don’t respond, you would have not only ended up hurting yourself, but would be worse off than you earlier were, as the act establishes the apathy from the other side. To know that a person who loved so much at a point of time has no concern whatsoever for you, is one of the worst feeling ever.

To make sure you aren’t the playing the ball game to lose, make sure you don’t make the situation a ball game in the first place. It’s not always about getting back at people for what they did to you. Sometimes the best is to forget for it is the quickest way to alleviating ourselves from the pain, rather than to reel under it, agonizing and antagonizing. Don’t go about killing yourself for what they did, rather concentrate on what you did, and what you must do. Time plays a part in healing as long as you are wiling to use it to fill your life with happiness. The continuum of sorrow and merriment, isn’t misery and inebriation, but a series of fruitful wondrous moments.

Love the process, not the result

I recently read an article by the acclaimed author Mark Manson on pursuing goals in life. There was a particular line which can be merrily taken to be the gist on the article there, which was ” love the process, not the result”.

There is no ambiguity to this statement, so you don’t have to rake your heads to figure out what it means. It basically means that loving the process of what your are trying to achieve is more important than focusing on the end result. But how is this point of so much relevance and why you should adore and embrace this concept? Well, all of us have certain goals in life. Even if you proclaim you are too chilled out in life to have any, you still have one. It may short term like ,to get your hands on the latest edition of a magazine, or it maybe long term heavyweight goal regarding your retirement plans of spending your last days in a vineyard in Italy ;It maybe some career oriented goal, or it maybe some spiritual one; we all do have goals. In order to truly live our life, we should love the way we head towards our aim , rather than achieving the aim in itself. The significance of climbing onto the Mt Everest isn’t in the fact that you set foot on the peak, but is in the fact that you ‘climbed’ your way to the peak of the highest mountain on the planet, which very few people have been able to do.

Amidst the ongoing FIFA World Cup, don’t you have an adrenaline rush when you watch the person score, and take a victory lap on the sides. Even if you aren’t much of a footballer, you might still be tempted to live that moment of glory, where you are heralded as the messiah of the moment, a person who commands immense respect and power. Sometimes, such feelings build up to fantasies, which are so strong that they lead to a strong vigor of raw passion, that pushes you to do something big. It is only when you invest time building towards that moment that you realise that you lack real interest towards it. You were only interest in the result, the moment. If all that is taken out, you are just an empty soul with no strong will to give what it takes. Sometimes, such realizations discourage people to an extent that they become morose being with a lost purpose; we start blaming ourselves for our failures. But the truth is, these goals weren’t our goals in the first place. We loved the moment, not the skills of achieving it. This also doesn’t  mean that we shall not achieve the same moment of glory should we invest our potential towards what we actually like. It isn’t too complicated a notion, it just requires you to invest so as to reap as and when the time comes.

“Follow all and death shall strike, seek what is truly yours, and the Lords above shall bow to your strengths”

Pace it down and look beyond the Veil

As i was jogging through the park in the morning, I was so keen on nipping a 5km, that I chose to subdue myself to the frivolous aim, and take no note of the beauty around, both scenic and humanoid. It was later, that when i looked back at the path, with its share of sunlight brimming through the leafs that I gasped over the subtlety of the scene. Trees and paths meandering about the landscape, frisbee, leaves and children on swings ,flying about, babes and beauties letting go of their inhibitions and enjoying the nature, I did miss out on a lot.

Well, we all sometimes tend to miss out on a lot of things, most of the times intentionally. Sometimes, it’s birthday of a loved one, sometimes it’s the beauty around, sometimes it is Roger Federer’s match at Wimbledon…oh wait..not that..I never miss his matches, but we do let ourselves pry away from what really matters. Later, at the loss of such moments, we let other commitments take the blame for our callousness. From being people with motive, we become individual of excuses and let our miserable habits kill our existence. There are lot of reasons to our inability of prioritizing in life, and one of the causal factors is self-restrain.

Self restraint

Well, the word above is probably the golden word of the century. Until and unless you are a hungry lion who dotes on the legs of a deer, I suggest you imbibe a sense of self restraint in  your life. This idea explains most of our misdoings and misgivings, whilst we foolishly and tragically follow upon our habits. When was the last time you told yourself, well lets not eat that burger, my cholesterol doesn’t have a taste for it; Or planned not to go to that Girl over at the bar, and tell her how dreamy she was as you flurried through the pick up lines you knew, only to be punched by her boyfriend ,who was less then amused to listen to you blabber about Paulo Coelho’s idea of Soulmates. Well, all that could have been avoided, but then we were too engrossed in what we deem as ideal living.

What follows failure to exercise self restraint is a lesser syllable word accompanied by agony that kills you from within- Regret. Ladies and gentlemen, this term is something that all of us usually hear, many of us suffer from and hardly anyone acknowledges. Many a times, people tell others that the don’t regret anything, but trust me we all do it at a point of time. The only difference is that, few learn from their mistakes and move on , while others sit behind that veil of diffidence and let life play blind games with them.

When you think of the consequences, it is not too hard to get yourself to act on it. But then, our indolence wears off the thrust we get from out acts of indiscretions and failures. We let time pass by, like all our agendas in life. When you fail to act on your faults, you see everything around you fall. This is when you decide that there is no meaning to life, and the caricature drawn by the ignorant society about blissful living is nothing but a charade. You then blame others and this turns into a cycle of failure and regret till the clock stops upon your life.

You need to hone your will to an extent, where it can build a resolve so strong, that it brings glory even when you fail. Take a step today, take on tomorrow. Life isn’t exactly a race because in the race of your life, you are the only one running. There are no  bikini clad women waiting for you at the end, other than grim reaper probably. So why not live your life fully and in the proper way, smile as you move on and do the right things in life. Maybe by the end of it, when you touch that finish line, running with an ear to ear grin, you might get the Grim reaper to smile.

Let It Go

“Was it hard?”I ask.

“Letting go?  Not as hard as holding on to something that wasn’t real.”

-Lisa Schroeder

Many a times I sat down thinking, how difficult can this be. It’s not the most difficult thing in the world and definitely not a Sisyphean task that would have even Gods shiver. But as days passed by, the answer to this pertinent question continued to elude me.

Its funny how the way the human heart works. In the literary sense, the heart throbs to the beats of love and fills your life with blossoming flowers ,the fragrance of which levitates you into heavenly bliss of ecstasy and passion. As you celebrate the love that brims over in your heart, all your desires and aspirations revolve around it, and the agendas to life take a spin. But trust me when I say this, the heart is more powerful than you think. It’s not only about love, but your life that the heart conquers.

Control the mind

I will share with you an incident which may not be of so much significance, but in terms of knowledge gained, I learned something new and something wonderful. A spirited retired octogenarian officer from the Indian Army on a wheelchair, shared with me the wisdom that I hope to bear with me through out my life. We had met outside a medical examination room at a hospital, where he had come for a regular check-up, so had I. As we both waited in the waiting room, he told me of how one who controls the mind, has the power to change everything around him. He told me that the only way he has continued to cheat death and stay healthy has been by fooling the mind. Fooling the mind by a surge of positivity , not only to force the negativity out it, but to instil a sense of calm by believing that everything is bound to be temporary and undue writhing and clamouring shall bring in no edifice to your situation. He told me to how just by believing in positive outcomes one can build roots for eternal happiness.

We lose our heart to the travesties that strike only because the intent to take control in lost. But then, you have to learn to believe in yourself when the whole world doesn’t. It is the that you take control, for if you don’t then life shall make strides in the wrong direction and you will end up losing what you have left.

Reflect, don’t compare

Most of us have been through relationships, which though seemed magical in the starting suddenly took a twisted turn towards a bitter end. It wasn’t that we didn’t try hard enough, but it just felt apart. Such experiences end up making us bitter, and wanting to close out the whole world just to protect ourselves. But then you have to realise that not everyone is the same and not every avenue leads to the same outcome. You have to maintain your faith for if once lost, will only lead to misery.

Reflect upon you past and don’t repeat those mistakes. Don’t think about the past only to dwell in the unhappiness that pervaded in those times, just learn and move on. You also need to understand that your life is your own, and you are the only one who understands it most. Don’t have others narrate their half hearted attempts at something meaningful which lead to a disaster, and let  them clog your mind with negativity. We all are different and that is the way of the world.

Let it go

I have spent days, weeks and months to contemplate in this regard. Is there a particular moment when you realise this is the moment when I need to let it go? …..No

There is no special  moment of enlightenment when you shall realise this. Rather, it depends on the moment when you let you heart play a little role, and let the brain decide to what is good for you. It is hard, but then you need to think that all this time lost to futile thoughts, is it actually worth the effort. I am not saying that an incentive should be sought for caring, but then, but then, do you think when you look back in time and think about this moment, you will be able to think that I did the right thing to hold onto those thoughts and let the reality just slide by………….I don’t think so.



The power pyramid

First of all, the title bears no relevance to any fancy structure made or initiated with disregard to optimum and fruitful utilization of wealth and human effort on the banks of Nile. The term is a basically a reference to very steep conquest of power that we all as human beings race towards. It’s all about power and how to get your hands over it. Now i’m not exactly going to tell you a trick to be able to wield such powers, but on the contrary , i will share my insights on why it is important to let go of such evil.

We all have ambitions in life and we make efforts to achieve them. Sometimes, we work laboriously and sometimes we take it slow. When the powerplay of righteousness comes into effect, its not only to how sincerely did we work in pursuit of such ambitions, but to how prudent were our ambitions in the first place. If we waste our time over things which are trivial and inapt, then the failures are not only in our efforts, but in our very being for having undertaken such avenues.

Apart from ambitions are our intents. Desire to want something turn into ambition only when we think through them carefully and can place them in our future as a non-materialistic, self improvement goal. But, not everything we do or believe in is right in its conception. So, sometimes we obsess about something that we inherently don’t want, but the superficial part of our’s ,places the society as foremost and thinks that such agendas and prospects are worth working for, for they will place us highly in the society. We then work our way through what maybe known as the Power pyramid. All our needs and wants then become misplaced for now the skewed symmetric of the “power”play is at hand. We start prioritizing our goals in life in such a manner, where we see only what the society wants us to see and do what the society wants us to do. Don’t be surprised if not only your need, but your entire personality

Power Pyramid

takes a new turn in order to conform itself with the social conventions of the materialistic, capricious and undeniably selfish society. From being an independent, just individual we see ourselves turn into a prodigal parasite of the society wherein we strive to seek approval of those around. We become those wretched creatures who are bereft of any ideals, yet patronize those around us by evoking terms on moral grounds, justify our wrongs with more wrongs and blame others for everything bad that happens to us.

I would like to clarify that this shouldn’t be misconstrued as a price we pay for power, but rather a price we pay when we make it our goal in life. Those who have ever wielded the sword of power, never consciously tried to gain it, rather ,it was a consequence of their struggles.

The importance of letting go of the such rationale in life has been emphasized by David Steindl-Rast in his TedX talk.