Condition the Mind-Nail that interview

Placement season is up at the college, and everyone seems busy as a bee, trying to sort things out and enter the rat race for the fancy job.I have been subjugated to my own share of rat racing without any conscious intention of being a part of it. It is more of peer pressure as I haven’t got a clue to what I want to do, so I do things anyways. With placements comes a baggage of other goodies such as GDs and interviews.

So, I am sure people get very psyched by the idea of having to sit in front of someone and rant about their lives and understanding of concepts, which they didn’t know of until that very moment.Now, out of sheer respect for the decorum of an interview, you choose not to spike your inquisitiveness and ask about it there and then. But, interviews are overall very fun.

But to respond in line to the DAILY PROMPT, if you get all jittery about the D-Day and don’t know how or what might soothe your nerves, try fooling your mind. Life is all about a power play between what we believe in and what we end up doing. Sometimes it’s hard not to freak out, but then, probably the major detrimental factor for that job is for you to not freak out. So, just ask yourself, do your really want the job?

As you get things clear in your head, it helps draw in rationality and wipe out the blur. You need to know that being presentable in a interview is important, seeming classy and intelligent is also useful, but the most important factor is that you should plan to be just you. Let the company want you for you, rather than  going in with a list of attributes that would seem ideal for the profile.

If you can digest all these lines, you will realise that you are no more nervous. This is because the element of surprise is gone. You come to an understanding that whatever should happen in the interview shall happen, but what I need to do is to be me. When I am me, nobody can catch me off guard since I know ‘ me’ more than you know me.




3 thoughts on “Condition the Mind-Nail that interview

  1. Great post, interesting thoughts about interviewing. Having previously worked as a recruiter, I can honestly say the two best things you can do for interview are knowing yourself, your ‘brand’ and reason for wanting the job, and turning the interview into a conversation. It’s not some terrifying process, it is just having a conversation with another intelligent adult and seeing how you click in terms of skills and personality. When you approach an interview as a good conversation, you end up making great contacts even if you don’t get the role – contacts you can use further down the line. That way, every ‘big interview’ turns into a great conversation and its no longer a scary prospect!

    • Thanks for the insights Rebecca. It is exactly as you put it, sometimes one can ease right into the interview with an aim of a good conversation. It’s about getting the idea across. What seems fundamentally challenging in a interview is that when we stop believing in ourselves and seek validation in every regard, it paralysis our thoughts. Our conversation turns into an appeasement dialogue and coherent speech seems too far fetched a thought.

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